In this exclusive interview, Game Of Thrones actor Gethin Anthony ('Renly') fends off the controversy about the leaked photo of his character wearing a crown in the upcoming season 2, addresses the reaction of the gay community to his GoT character, talks about radio work including audio project The Minister Of Chance, as well as discussing his upcoming sci-fi thriller 'Dreck' (formerly named 'Junk' )- a dystopic SF outing where recreational drugs have been legalised...

Renly's Crown - 3.19
How the Gay Community feel about the character of Renly - 9.21
How did the Martin books influence (or not) his take on Renly? - 4s
Is Renly evil? - 2.06
How did he find the building blocks from the first book to make Renly a rounded character? - 4.40
Lord Of The Rings crossed with 'The Borgias'? - 6.14
Renly's teasing at being gay... 7.38
Sci-fi thriller 'Dreck' (formerly 'Junk') - 24.33
Clapperboards! 10.14
Getting into the acting profession - 11.22
Dreams of an acting career - 13.30
Theatre or film? 15.46
Ideal Shakespearean role? 28.40
Prefers modern or classical theatre roles? 27.00
The Appeal of Theatre 16.02
Radio and The Minister Of Chance 17.16
On Harry Potter - 18.44
'Into The Storm' - 19.35
Starstruck! 20.54
Love of the Welsh Rugby team + Twittering them - 21.37
Ideal DVD weekend - 22.36
Desert Island CD? - 22.39
Future projects - 29.48
The short film that Gethin is writing/producing 30.08