The Big C returns April 8th

On April 8, Showtime's The Big C returns and although this brand new promotional poster supports the idea that diamonds are a girl's best friend, season three will actually reveal that time is.

Especially for Cathy Jamison, who finds out that for once, time is on her side as Dr. Sherman's clinical trials continue to push her towards a path of remission.

"How do you live knowing you're still living with cancer but I'm taking drugs that are working for the moment? How exactly do you live your life in that very precious state? How does she bargain hoping that she's going to beat the odds and get more time?" creator Darlene Hunt told of the new season.

Joining Laura Linney for the new year are an impressive a lineup of guest stars -- Susan Sarandon, Allison Janney and Victor Garber will each appear in the Emmy-nominated series alongside regulars Gabourey Sidibe, John Benjamin Hickey, Oliver Platt (phew!) and Gabriel Basso.


So Oliver Platt is back but that doesn't mean Paul is alive...although I don't see the writers keeping him dead.

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