Urkel dunking on Will Smith? 2pac chilling with Madonna and Sting? It's Saturday ONTD

48 Pictures That Perfectly Capture The '90s

Featuring some of ONTD's favorite celebrities :)

1. Urkel gliding past Will Smith and Reggie Miller during the 1991 Rock n' Jock basketball game:
Urkel gliding past Will Smith and Reggie Miller during the 1991 Rock n' Jock basketball game:

Source: @si_vault

2. Ryan Gosling with long blonde hair in BOP Magazine:

Look it's ONTD's boyfran!!!!

3. Will Smith playing Nintendo in a backwards hat, on a zebra rug, wearing Nike Air's, zubaz pants, and a Mariah Carey cd on the ground:

Lol I never noticed the Mariah Carey cd XD

4. Bob Saget:

I hope an ONTDER gets a fansign with him one day :D

5. The cast of Saved By The Bell's "No Hope With Dope" PSA:

6. This Vogue cover:

7. This Sassy cover:

8. Breckin Meyer:

9. Mary Kate and Ashley wearing round, tinted frame sunglasses:

10. Clarissa wearing a scrunchie + combat boots + leggins + side pony + oversized vest:

Source: iwasa90skid.blogspot.com

11. This cat eating ice cream with sunglasses and a cool hat:

Source: eloisecat

12. Arsenio Hall pointing at Bill Clinton playing the sax:

Monica Lewinsky was taking notes tbh ... LOL I KID I KID

13. Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippin, and Michael Jordan:

14. This prom picture from 1992:

Source: kevinborland

15. This prom picture from 1993:

Source: firepile

16. Windows 95 video guide:

17. This weirdly uncomfortable picture of NSYNC:

Lol Chris was like .... 50 during this time lol

18. Double-reverse front pleated pants:

19. Surfwear:

20. Drew Barrymore and Sara Gilbert with the word "Super" behind them:

21. Ginger Spice using a desktop computer:

22. David Bowie using a desktop computer:

When will ur favs look this GQ ? NEVA

23. Ellen DeGeneres, 1996:

24. Madonna, Sting, and 2Pac out to dinner together:

25. This GAP ad:

26. White Trash Nation, 1994:

27. These gadgets:

28. Early '90s Leo:

29. Mid '90s Leo:

30. Late '90s Leo with Mark Wahlberg:

31. Bill & Hillary with Al & Tipper


32. Wayne's Top Ten:

33. The Simpsons arcade game:

34. This Justin Timberlake fan site:

Oh god oh man LMMAAOOO this is pure gold!!
35. This talkshow screengrab:

LOL Tyra and Maury ain't shit on Jenny Jones

36. And this one too:

37. "So easy to use, no wonder it's #1":

Never Forget

38. Kirsten Dunst wearing a Jumanji shirt:

baboona would like this :)

39. David Spade fake fighting with Chris Farley at Planet Hollywood:

40. Aaron Carter wearing something made out of duct tape:

and years later he would give out his phone number and ONTD members would call him

41. The old Destiny's Child:

42. Lilith Fair:

43. Lisa Frank:

44. Uncle Jesse's mullet:

45. Rupaul holding Kurt Cobain's daughter with Dave Grohl:

46. Jonathan Taylor Thomas at Wrestlemania:

47. This laser portrait:

Source: laserportraits.net

48. And Jackie Chan:

I am adding two more of my personal favorites to make an even 50

49. Michael Jackson and Sonic The Hedgehog

Michael helped compose the Sonic 3 OST

50. T-boz , Brandy, Whitney, and Chilli


Happy Saturday ONTD!!! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend :D :D special thanks to my sis trumpydoesmagic for bringing this to my attention.