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Miami Beach Police Charge Chris Brown With Snatching Fan’s iPhone

MIAMI BEACH (CBSMiami) – There’s more legal trouble facing R&B singer Chris Brown who is facing a robbery charge on Miami Beach.

According to the Miami Beach police incident report, Chris Brown and rapper Tyga were leaving the Cameo nightclub on Miami Beach on Feb. 19th when a fan followed him outside to his car.

When Brown got into his Black Bentley, Shanae Spann pulled out her iPhone and took a picture of him sitting in the car. Spann told police Brown got angry, reached through his car window and snatched the phone from her hands.

The singer than told her, “Bitch, you ain’t going to put that on no website,” according to the report. Brown then rolled up his window and drove away with her iPhone.

Brown has been charged with one count of Robbery by Sudden Snatching.

He’s no stranger to the law. Brown pleaded guilty in 2009 for felony assault for hitting then-girlfriend Rihanna.

One day after the Miami Beach incident, Rihanna celebrated her birthday and released a controversial remix of the song “Birthday Cake” featuring Chris Brown.

Her decision to collaborate with Brown left many fans and friends in shock , awe and confusion.

According to TMZ, the singers are also getting close to reconciling on a personal level, although pals are doing everything they can to prevent it.


So, what does this mean for his probation?
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