Elton and Cher Reunited!

Almost 20 years after they co-starred together in the classic teen comedy "Clueless," actors Alicia Silverstone and Jeremy Sisto are reuniting on screen as Silverstone joins Sisto's ABC sitcom "Suburgatory" for a four episode arc. Silverstone plays Eden, a new love interest to Sisto's single dad character George.

"We were good friends back in the day so it's been really nice to personally reconnect and meet her baby and to hear stories about her life over the last 10 years," Sisto said of the reunion.

"It's just going to be a real trip for people to see Elton and Cher together from back in the day," he added. "They're completely different characters of course, but in reality, you would be a completely different person -- or I am from when I was 19 to what I am now -- so it's a trip!"

When asked if "Clueless" fans can expect any inside jokes on the show, Sisto said isn't quite sure what the "Suburgatory" team is cooking up yet. "They might very well get some 'Rollin' With the Homies' action going on. That's a good idea. But [Silverstone's guest stint] is going to make people feel a little old and I think it's a great moment to see these two actors back together."