Lady GaGa 'Haunted By The Devil' In Her Sleep

She's seeking help from Michael Jackson's friend Deepak Chopra...

Lady GaGa has recruited the help of Michael Jackson's close pal Deepak Chopra, after revealing she believes the devil is haunting her in her sleep.

The Marry The Night singer is also thought to have turned to the 65-year old Indian healer to help her deal with her superstar status, much like the King of Pop did when he was alive.

The Daily Star has quoted GaGa as saying: "I have this recurring dream where there’s a phantom in my home and he takes me into a room where there’s a blonde girl with ropes tied to her limbs pulling her apart.

“I told Deepak the dream was so terrifying I thought somehow that a devil force was trying to take hold of me. He laughed and told me that I should learn to embrace my own insanity.

"I told him: ‘The Devil is trying to take me, Deepak. I’m a good girl!’ He said not to worry.”

GaGa also went onto confess she's asked Deepak to help her dream of levitating, explaining: "I want to go into a coma and levitate. I am a very spiritual person.

“Deepak is the most influential person in my life. His message is a true inspiration. He helps me to reach inside my spirituality and we take it to the next level.”