Gwyneth Paltrow being a hypocrite, what's new?

Gwyneth Paltrow Sells Frozen Food. But Will She Eat It?

Gwyneth Paltrow "would rather die" than let her kids eat a cup-a-soup, but she's happy to hawk processed food for a price.

The actress and cookbook author is the new spokesperson for SPAR Veggie, an Austrian a frozen food brand.
A tipster familiar with the company, described it to the blog Videogum, this way: "In terms of quality, Spar is the equivalent of a convenience store attached to a gas station. You might buy gum there, but you wouldn't buy Spar-brand gum, or Spar-brand anything for that matter."

It's not unusual for a Hollywood superstar to advertise international products they wouldn't stand behind in the States. But Paltrow is particularly outspoken when it comes to fresh food. She's extolled the virtues of juice fasts, organic colonics and backyard wood-burning pizza ovens worth several thousand dollars. She's compared eating processed cheese to smoking crack and banned soda and McDonald's from ever crossing her kids' lips.

Still, the honchos at SPAR think Paltrow's a perfect fit for their frozen food brand.
"She lives the idea of SPAR Veggie," Dr. Gerhard Drexel, President of SPAR Austria, says in an oddly translated press release. "Gwyneth Paltrow credibly embodies today's modern and health conscious woman, integrating meat-less dishes into her lifestyle, not every day but every now and then."

Paltrow's pre-approved statement included the press release stopped short of admitting to actually eating the product, which she holds several feet from her pursed mouth in the print campaign. But she did try it.

Bio-goulash and/or several other vegan and vegetarian options were reportedly "tasted" by the actress while shooting the campaign. "They are a real healthy alternative if you want to quickly serve something," she says "enthusiastically," according to SPAR.
Paltrow is always befuddled by her detractors, but it's this kind of stuff that makes her an easy target. She has a problem preaching too much of what she practices. Now she's got a problem practicing what she preaches, promoting a product she'd clearly never buy herself.
After years of making other moms with less time and cash flow feel guilty about ordering a pizza, she's not likely to get a free pass.
Still a job is a job is a job, and when celebrities promote an international product, they tend to lower their standards and raise their rates.
Hey, remember that wood burning outdoor pizza oven she bought for her garden? It's not going to pay for itself.