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Wikipedia's Most Random and Unflattering Celebrity Photos: An ONTD Original!

Generally speaking, celebrities are stunningly beautiful people -- or at least acceptably attractive people lit just right and caked in enough makeup to convince us that they're stunningly beautiful. When you're a public figure in the entertainment industry, constantly looking like a Greek deity is an ever-present job requirement.

So how does Wikipedia consistently manage to represent supermodels, famous actresses and musicians with the worst photos imaginable? Is it part of the guidelines or something? Are the editors just jealous and bitter because their site relies on obnoxious guilt-tripping banner ads to generate revenue while celebs are laughing all the way to the bank? I don't know! What I do know is that, whether they've low-quality Youtube stills, low-angle shots from Comic-Con panels or just terrible red carpet pics, these photos are seriously bad.

(These are all header images from their respective articles, by the way.)

Amy Poehler

Angelina Jolie

Carey Mulligan

Chris Evans

Christina Hendricks

Elijah Wood

Emma Stone

Iwan Rheon

Natalie Portman

Naya Rivera

Lana Del Rey

Leonardo DiCaprio

Liam Hemsworth

One Direction

Tom Hanks

Topher Grace

If they're not pictured here, look up your fave and see if they've fallen victim to the Wikipedia picture curse! It's a game the whole family can play!

Thanks so much to hateistoodark, maxadler, larastone, earcondoms and rickmansvoice, who helped me find unfortunately-represented celebs for this post!

Tags: amy poehler, angelina jolie, carey mulligan, chris evans, elijah wood, emma stone, iwan rheon, lana del rey, leonardo dicaprio, liam hemsworth, natalie portman, naya rivera, one direction, ontd original, tom hanks

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