Can you see him? Matt Smith looks just like Where's Wally as he travels incognito

With his quirky and distinctive features he is one of Britain's most recognisable actor.

But Matt Smith didn't look much like himself as he travelled incognito through London today.

And aptly, the Doctor Who star looked just like the hidden character from her children's book Where's Wally as he went to board a train.

Where's Matty? Doctor Who star Smith looked just like the children's character Wally as he went to board a train with co-star Karen Gillan today

The 29-year-old was snapped at one of the city's main train stations with his co-star Karen Gillan.

He wore a long stripey blue and white scarf and round glasses, just the like beloved character.

All he needed was a bobble on his striped hat and he could easily have become Wally.

Resemblance: Observers noted that Matt looked like the beloved children's character

Karen, 24, wore schoolgirl chic in her big black coat with gold buttons, over -the-knee socks and black lace-up sensible shoes.

She carried two handbags and stopped every now and then to send a text as she walked with Smith to their train.

They might have been in Paddington to catch a train to Cardiff where Doctor Who is filmed.

Feeling a bit itchy? Matt scratched his nose as he looked at the camera while Karen checked her messages

Elastic going? Karen tugged at her over-the-knee socks as she went for schoolgirl chic

They are currently filming series seven, which will be Karen's last one after it was announced in December that she and Arthur Darvill, who plays her on-screen husband Rory, would be leaving.

But Matt has no plans to leave the Tardis for good just yet and recently spoke about how excited he was to start filming the seventh series and said: 'I’m looking forward to it…I love making it.'

And he added that he had seen the scripts and that a famous mystery guest would be making an appearance and added: 'I couldn’t possibly tell you, but it’s exciting. You’ll know him…or her.'

Cardiff bound: The pair could have been on their way to the Welsh capital as they went to board their train