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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrive at the In the Land of Blood and Honey premiere on Tuesday (February 14) in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“To share this [film] with you means the world to me,” the 36-year-old actress told the crowd at the end of the movie, which ended to a standing ovation.

“I am satisfied with what we made, I feel very strongly about it and I believe that its core issue — which is the need for intervention and need for the world to care about atrocities when they are happening — is very, very timely and especially with things that are happening in Syria today,” Angelina said during a press conference earlier in the day.

The night before, Angelina and Brad attended the Cinema for Peace Gala in Germany, where she also premiered Blood and Honey.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt prepare to leave town on Wednesday (February 15) from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The couple, reportedly en route to Zagreb, Croatia, premiered Angie‘s new film, In the Land of Blood and Honey, on Tuesday night in Sarajevo – and the movie ended to a standing ovation!

Earlier in the week, Brad and Angelina hit the red carpet together at the Cinema for Peace Gala, held during the Berlin International Film Festival. Be sure to check out pics if you missed them!

not sure what was supposed to be in this photo

dvije recenice su na bosanskom (lol),ali zvuci sto puta bolje

an interview from the Zg premiere


Zana is GORGEOUS. Also they supposedly gave them kulen in Zagreb,the food of my people. I approve.