Chris Brown Will NOT Be On Rihanna’s "Birthday Cake"Confirmed: Chris Brown Will Not Be

Ever since Rihanna announced that Birthday Cake will most likely feature someone, the entire world has been waiting with anticipation for the mystery rapper artist to be revealed.

Rappers, Drake, J. Cole, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne have each been speculated to appear on ‘Cake’. However, after Da Internz (who co-produced the song with The-Dream) broke news that the feature on ‘Cake’ will “shock the world”, the internet has been buzzed with the possibility of Chris Brown appearing on the song. I don’t think it is necessary for me to explain why this will be one of the MOST controversial career decisions Rihanna has ever made.

Luckily, there will be no Chris Brown controversy surrounding ‘Cake’. Da Internz confirmed via Twitter that the sexually laced track will not feature Brown.

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If you're too lazy to read the article, the producers of Birthday Cake confirmed that Chris Brown will not be on the song