Lil Kim is keeping Adobe Photoshop in business

Lil’ Kim shows love to her fans with her new song “If You Love Me.”

Here's the newest completed high art project from Photoshop Lifetime Achievement Award winner Lil' Kim.

The group of Photoshop artists who cracked their knuckles from spending days on end touching up the cover for Kim's new single should be proud that they made her face look like an inside/out plastic lion mask decorated with lead-based varnishes.

Kim should be celebrated as a true original, because when was the last time you saw the Beast in Beauty's dress? Nicki Minaj can stay sitting, thankyouverymuch.

The Queen Bee demands some action from her man instead of just talk. “If you love me, you would say it in front of the world,” sings Kimmy Blanco on the upbeat Auto-Tuned record.

“Beyoncé and Jay, that could’ve been us/ But it’s no trust and all we do is fuss.”

Lil Kim - If You Love Me by QueenBeeNation

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