The Benedict Cumberbatch Situation

There's a situation happening all across the world and so far, only the British news media seems to have reported upon it.

Right now there are numerous intelligent women across the land who are presently in crisis mode. It's all due to an actor whom you may or may not be aware of named Benedict Cumberbatch. You'll probably be very aware of him soon. He's currently shooting the new Star Trek movie, he appeared in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and War Horse, and he is the eponymous star of the BBC detective serial, Sherlock.

You also should know that Benedict Cumberbatch isn't a man. He's a situation that me and most of my friends are all having.

Dirty, dirty girls want Benedict CumberbatchCollapse )

You would think this comes from a Tumblr fangirl but NOPE, it's from the Huffington Post

I think this pretty much covers the answer to ONTD's ultimate question in every Cumberbatch post tbh. They forgot THE VOICE, though.

Edit: Took the title off because tbh I was just making a reference to Simon Pegg's tweet

Edit 2: Says author: "I *do* think he's a great actor, but I was purposely exaggerating for silly fun times. It was for HuffPo Comedy. It's satiric as most of my work is. Hopefully I'm the one being teased rather than my subject. I like to write about fandom in a fun and funny way!"