Is There Bad Blood Between Aaron Carter and Nick Carter?

It certainly seems strange: Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter opted to play a concert in Atlantic City rather than attend the funeral of his sister, Leslie Carter. The blonde singer, 32, released a statement thanking everyone for their support and that he was dealing with his 25-year-old sister's death in his own way.
"I wanted to be at my sister's funeral, but my family has always had a complicated dynamic," He said in a statement. So, what's going on? Sources close to the singer told TMZ that he thinks his family didn't want him to know about the funeral.

However, his younger brother, Aaron Carter, made some cryptic tweets that suggest more to the story.
"My "Family" Appreciates your love and prayers, My Father (Bob Carter) My mother (Jane) (Angel) (Bobbie Jean) & her husband (Mike Ashton)," Aaron, 24, tweeted on Monday. "The truth will reveal itself. I Love you Leslie soo very very very very very much!! virtually no words. You will always be my best friend."
Sister Bobby Carter was more blunt about it. "That's not true," she told TMZ.
Leslie passed away on Jan. 31 from an alleged overdose of prescription medication, according to police reports. She was reportedly suffering from mental illness and was staying with her father and stepmother to get well.
The rift in the family comes as a surprise - both Nick and Aaron acted like their family relationship was on the up-and-up after years of fighting between siblings and their parents. The brothers even fought on their reality show, "House of Carters," over Nick's ex-girlfriend, Paris Hilton.
A quick scan of the web finds that Nick's girlfriend, Lauren Kitt, is the suspected cause of Carter family strife. Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Aaron and sister Angel Carter don't follow Kitt on Twitter.
Could something so trivial be the reason why Nick didn't go to his beloved sister's funeral? It's all speculation, but it sounds like he's willing to protect his longtime girlfriend from the hate of others.
"If you don't have anything nice to say then don't feel the need to say anything at all. I am happy, healthy and in love..." he tweeted on Jan. 30, the day before his sister's death.
It just goes to show that every family - even famous ones - have serious problems
Some more serious than others, obviously.
Why do you think Nick Carter skipped his sister's funeral?

WTF at this article? especially the last part.  RIP Leslie:(