Greg Kelly Will Not Be Charged With Rape

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EXCLUSIVE: Manhattan prosecutors have decided not to charge TV anchor Greg Kelly with rape, the Daily News has learned.

“The Good Day New York” host and son of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly had been accused of raping a 28-year-old paralegal after a boozy night of drinking in October.

Kelly’s criminal defense lawyer, Andrew Lankler, told the Daily News on Tuesday that prosecutors had dropped the case.

“They are not pressing charges,” he said.

Lankler learned of the dismissal after meeting with the head of the Manhattan District Attorney’s sex crime unit, Martha Bashford.

Kelly’s accuser had gone to police two weeks ago with the allegations and claimed she had to terminate a pregnancy after the encounter, according to sources.

She said she and Kelly went out for drinks and she took him to the law offices where she worked, where she said he raped her.

The accusation was problematic, not just because three months had passed, but because the woman had sent Kelly flirtatious friendly messages both before and after the encounter.

Because Kelly’s father runs the department, the NYPD immediately handed the case to Vance’s office.

The investigation took two weeks and included interviews with both the accuser and Kelly, both of whom Vance’s office called “cooperative.”


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