Lady Gaga Social Network Announcement: Singer to Launch

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As Lady Gaga closes in on 19 million Twitter followers, the pop juggernaut is prepping a new platform for interacting with fans online. Working with Backplane, a company she's invested in, the self-styled Mother Monster has hatched, "a new community" named for her most ardent supporters.

The site isn't yet operational, but visitors are encouraged to submit their names and email addresses. Doing so generates the automatic response, "Your invitation request has been received! We're excited to share the world of LittleMonsters with you very shortly, keep an eye out for an official invite sometime soon."

Gaga has long been a master of social media, and last month, she became the first person to reach 18 million Twitter followers. Prior to that, she was the first to hit 10 million. This time next year, she'll probably be at 50 million -- unless, of course, her Little Monsters free themselves from the tyranny of 140-character limits and follow their leader to her new online lair.