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Gaga fans set up organisation to trash Madonna and earn money for it

From the blog:

Okay, Little Monsters. This is it! Madonna's album kickoff officially starts tomorrow and the Lady Gaga Project is paying you to make negative and cruel insults on different web sites after they post articles. A lot of people read these comments, especially on the Huffington Post, so this will hurt her. We will pay you per page hit (5 to 10 cents depending on how strong the site is on Google News). Please contact littlemonster19912@gmail.com to get in the program. The first one will be from this Friday to Sunday evening.

You will be paid for long, negative comments on any Google News approved site. The biggest one we are monitoring is the one on Huffington Post. Here is the link to Huffington Post's entertainment page. Other suggestions: Daily Mail, Entertainment Weekly, ABC News, Queerty, Towleroad, People, USA Today, UK Sun, Breitbart.com, Yahoo.com, Idolator, Just Jared, Pop Crush.

Your comments must be at least five sentences long and cover one of the following topics:

1. Madonna's new single is flopping. It's getting bad reviews.
2. Madonna is a has-been. Lady Gaga is more current.
3. "WE" is getting really bad reviews.
4. Madonna is a copycat, not Lady Gaga.
5. Madonna's Super Bowl show was awful.
6. Madonna's body parts (mostly her grotesque arms).

More to come. Please be a part of our program. Take off work this weekend and earn money here! Thanks to Little Monster Salvatore and Little Monster Rebecca for donating money to this. Thanks to Little Monster Super Amanda for suggesting we do this in the first place. PAWS UP!

Update: We have already hired more than 30 people and cannot really afford any more at this point. The song and video is being univerallly panned everywhere and it is expected to flop. It's possible Clear Channel may even drop Madonna after this album. But still, here is a list of articles on Google News that you need to make comments on.


Tags: lady gaga, madonna

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