The "Lost Experience"

OMGZ, spoilers inside. There is discussion of tonights episode. :(

 Get ready to get more "Lost" than ever.

Beginning tonight, when the popular mystery drama returns to the ABC schedule with original episodes for the entire month, fans will have new and, of course, mysterious ways to clue into a new "Lost" world that begins on the Internet but also will take advantage of "other platforms that are out there in the real world," according to ABC executives.

The show's executive producers, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, have created the "Lost Experience," so assume it will be complex and addicting.

But what is it exactly, and are those "other platforms" — perhaps those gadgets we call cell phones and iPods?

"I'd have to kill you if I told you," joked Steve McPherson, ABC's president of prime-time entertainment. "It's an all-encompassing experience for the extremely dedicated fan who wants to extend their experience with the show beyond the weekly viewing.

It's Internet, it's mythology, it's puzzle-solving and it's games. It's groundbreaking in that sense that it's never been done before, but it's hard to put it into a single sentence to describe it."

This much has been gleaned: The "Lost Experience" is a story that is related to but separate from the television series, includes the same characters, expands familiar plots and will have run its course by the beginning of next season.

To find the new adventure, you must watch tonight's entire episode. TiVo and DVR-users be warned: There are clues in the commercials

"We will surprise the audience with where and how things are placed as far as clues and content and information," said Mike Benson, ABC's senior vice president of marketing.


OMGZ, this is what I think went on tonight... Michael was sent back to kill Ana, because she had killed an other, and get Henry back. He had no choice because they wouldn't give his son back. He shot himself to make it seem like Henry did it. Libby lived because she was holding that thick blanket in front of her. Ana died, sadly. :( I was just starting to like her. Yeah, that's basically it. Um, I guess Michael is going to have to get away with Henry before Libby wakes up or something. 

Also, Claire might just be Jack's sister... Does anyone agree? That woman Jack's father went to see looked similar to Claire...

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