Demi Lovato's team pretend to be Demi on Twitter; Answer Fan questions

While Demi Lovato takes some time out of the spotlight for her health, her team continues to help cover up her 2nd visit in rehab. Today it was announced that she'd be taking a break from her twitter break and doing a Q&A with fans on Twitter for Seventeen magazine.

The answers are very... um, well.. do you think this is the real Demi? is this her mom, her publicist? Who is trying to pretend that Demi Lovato actually has computer access right now? I don't think many people are buying it, Demi's Team. FYI, gummy bracelets only get you so far!

Check out "Demi"'s tweets behind the cut.

Do YOU think that this is the RILL @ddlovato???

source: @ddlovato / my musings

ETA: Update on some of the twitter accounts that "Demi" replied to (thanks flutesinger262!!)...
-@TRkmForever was created AFTER she replied. the first person she tweeted didn't exist either but i guess the account is up now "
-@julianrocha hasn't tweeted since August 2009:!/julianarocha
-some of the accounts that she answered questions for never even tweeted that question
-most of the people she replied to seem to be sockpuppet accounts with like, 2 tweets each.