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The Wanted The Beginning Of The End For Justin Bieber?

Could Scooter Braun Make The Wanted Bigger Than Justin Bieber?

Scooter Braun is hoping to make British boy band The Wanted just as big as Justin Bieber. But is it possible that they could be even bigger in the U.S.?

The Biebs better watch out - his manager is getting really serious about looking for the next big thing.

Scooter discovered the Biebs on YouTube,(wasn't this Usher?) but it's obvious that he's worried that his biggest moneymaker could fall out of favor with fans as he grows older. He's already signed on as the manager for Cody Simpson, the Australian pop sensation that many are calling the next Bieber, and now he's found an entire band full of hunky guys to back.

He invited The Wanted to tour with Justin Bieber in South America, and now The Sun reports that he's "backing them" in the States as they sell out concerts for their first U.S. tour. The band has high hopes for their new single "Glad You Came."

This new boy band might be just the thing that American girls who are growing out of the Biebs are looking for. Tom Parker, Max George, Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran look older than the Biebs, and they're trying really hard to create a bad boy reputation - they've even said in the past that they'd love to bring Justin back to England with them on his 18th birthday so that he can get drunk (so they obviously drink themselves -- they even reference doing so in their songs).

Justin is working on creating a less squeaky-clean image for himself as he gets ready to turn 18, but fans might not buy it. So they could turn to The Wanted because they've already got the older, bad boy vibe going on.

Boy bands have been big in the past - New Kids on the Block started it all, and the 90s saw the Backstreet Boys and 'N Stink become wildly successful. More recently the Jonas Brothers experienced the same problem that Justin Bieber is facing right now when they started to grow up - Joe Jonas is struggling with a solo career; Nick Jonas has turned to Broadway; and Kevin Jonas is a married family man who hasn't been in the spotlight much lately. So even if The Wanted become big in America, it doesn't mean that they'll be big for long. Just look at how short-lived the last British invasion was in the U.S. - The Spice Girls didn't spice up Americans' lives for long.

But at least the boys could become big for a little while - girls love boy bands because they get multiple guys to obsess over, and it's fun to learn about them all and to pick a favorite. This is a quality that the Biebs just can't have being a solo artist.

So do you think the band that once toured with the Biebs could become bigger than him in the states? Check out their music video for "Glad You Came" (it's already gotten over 16 million views on YouTube).

I think the Wanted will become big in the US. They're getting massive attention rn, climbing up the itunes charts/top 40 charts, getting radio play and their tour which they weren't expecting to sell out has sold out. They're something new and fresh and the evolution of boybands BROBAND.
Bieber better watch out cuz as his fans get older they move on to other acts liek 1D and maybe The Wanted but TW fans aren't tweens.

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