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what are these people watching, people like me?

Demi Lovato back in rehab?

From THIS BI already posted

Demi Lovato has just been admitted to Passages, an in-patient addiction treatment center located in Malibu, California. While her medical records can not be shared by the treatment center, we have learned from close friends that Demi is being treated for alcohol addiction and addiction to drugs, most notably cocaine. Demi is expected to remain a resident of the facility for several weeks, after which time she will transition to out-patient treatment.
Demi Lovato, a beautiful and talented signer and actress, has been living a double life. She was promoting “Sober is Sexy” during the day… and drinking and drugging every night.

We know that Demi and her friends reads BlindGossip every day, so when we heard that she was slipping back into destructive habits, we felt it was our responsibility to address her directly. Several of her friends told us that Demi did, in fact, read the blind, and was very upset by it. She was especially furious that we were “dragging her little sister into this”. Fortunately, several of her friends looked past her anger, recognized that there really was a problem, and decided to pass the blind along to her family and management team. Within 24 hours, they intervened, and Demi is now in rehab.

We are very, very happy that Demi is now getting the help she needs. Whether or not our blind item provided the catalyst to push her toward treatment is inconsequential. The most important thing is that she get well and have the opportunity to lead a happy and successful life. Demi, we wish you nothing but the best.


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