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Five Things to Know About the Real Housewives of Orange County Season Seven!

1. Double-D Downsizing: Tamra's 34 double-D implants are gone and she is totally okay with it. "It's been one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I feel a lot more confident without my implants. [With my implants] I felt like [my chest] was the first thing everybody looked at." No duh, she's 5'4" and had 34 double-D's—it's hard not to look! Now that her chest is no longer the center of attention we have a feeling her beau Eddy will be a bigger focus.

2. New Girl on the Block: This season, there is a fresh face in the bunch, Heather Dubrow, wife to a Newport Beach (shocker!) plastic surgeon. "When I first met her I actually thought she was a little pretentious. I actually used the exact words that 'I think she had a stick up her ass,'" said Gretchen. Wow, Gretch, a bit harsh! Tamra added, "I was a little bit worried that she wasn't going to fit in with the group, because she was so nice, so classy and yet so elegant. And with the girls on the show, we don't always roll like that." Heather admits, "I would say out of everyone Alexis and I have had some friction, [but] I was pleasantly surprised how well we all got along." Play nice, ladies. Oh wait, this is the Real Housewives!

3. Love and War: Gretchen takes on the recently divorced housewife Vicki and the fireworks just keep flying! Gretchen's issues with Vicki stem from the fact that, "Vicki had a lot to say about [her BF] Slade and about his child support issues…I just feel like she was being a hypocrite—[her new boyfriend] had a similar situation as Slade yet she was still very judgmental towards Slade." All is fair in love and war, but the gloves are off and it's going to get ugly.

4. Gretchen and Tamra, BFFs?!"It was time to build a bridge and get over it. In the process of doing that we realized we really like each other," said Tamra after multiple seasons of fighting with Gretchen. "I knew that the only way to move forward was just to forgive and ask for forgiveness. It has become a very true and authentic friendship," said Gretchen. Aww...how cute. Hope it lasts. Still, if they aren't fighting, who is?

5. Bye-Bye Don: What's a season of Real Housewives without some boy drama? This season it's all about Vicki and her divorce from Don. "I don't know if the show had anything to do with the collapse of [Vicki's] marriage," said Tamra, "I know that it puts strain on your relationship, no doubt." Gretchen added, "If the relationship is struggling, I think that the cameras might hone in on issues that you already have. The cameras don't lie." Sadly, their vow renewal couldn't save their relationship, but for the audience it's safe to say that boy toys are way more fun to watch.


The new season premieres Tuesday, February 7 at 9 p.m. (same time as "Dance Moms")
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