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Paula Deen’s not to blame for your waistline

For years she’s been inviting audiences into her kitchen, teaching them her southern recipes. But over the past week, it’s Paula Deen’s head that has been on a plate.

Ever since Deen announced she’s been living with Type 2 diabetes for three years, she has suddenly become the blame for America’s unhealthy eating habits.

She went public as part of a campaign in partnership with Novo Nordisk, a company that makes diabetes meds. Is that tacky? Yes. Is her brand built on recipes that are high in fat, loaded with butter and overly sweet? Yes.

Still, Paula Deen is not the boss of your plate. She doesn’t cook your meals. She isn’t in your house, force-feeding you. Your genetics and your workout plan are yours to manage.

You think she’s the reason 34 percent of adults are obese? Is she raising the 17 percent of children dealing with obesity? And the some 26 million adults and children in our country have diabetes — did Paula Deen give it to them?

Uh, no.

Burger King is testing home delivery so you can get your fast food without having to leave the comfort of your couch. Is it their responsibility to ensure you get one burger instead of five? And the Girl Scouts just launched an app to make finding cookie pushers a whole lot easier. Are they to blame for your cavities and sugar overload? Not at all.

At what point does self-control come in to play? I honestly don’t know how a celebrity chef is accountable for anyone’s diet.

If you don’t want to cook her big, fatty meals, don’t. I’ve seen her show many times and I can honestly say she only has one recipe I have made: Ooey Gooey Butter Cake.

And I don’t even use half the sugar she suggests. That’s the thing about being a grown-up. You have control over what you buy, cook and eat.

You want healthy food? Find some healthy recipes. It’s not hard. But whatever you do, don’t blame Paula Deen for the way you or America eats.

I mean, I watch “Dexter” on Showtime and I have never once thought to myself, “Hey, today is a good day for hunting down serial killers.”

Critics need to get a grip. Listen, I’m on board for a healthier America. I support the first lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign ( Improved school lunches are a must. More farmers markets and healthier choices at neighborhood grocery stores are a must. And I believe exercise is essential.

Even Paula Deen will admit exercise and diet are important. She’s said as much herself. Since her diagnosis, she’s been doing a lot of walking. She’s lost some weight. No more sweet tea for the southern gal. And those big ol’ meals from her TV show and that “Southern Cooking Bible”?

It’s all about moderation, y’all. And personal responsibility. Be sure to serve up a heaping helping of that.

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