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Kris Allen song leak of the Finnish techno remix variety

Yesterday, the representation for the Finnish duo Maison & Dragen inadvertently released the techno remix of a new Kris Allen song tentatively titled "Vision of Love." That Tweet disappeared almost immediately, but as we all know, the internet never forgets. So, here, have a listen to the techno remix of Kris Allen's "Vision of Love" which may end up on his forthcoming album. (He tweeted lyrics from the song a few days ago as a part of his daily lyric tweets.)

The original version of the song is one that was first mentioned several months ago by radio DJs in conjunction with 2012 promo that RCA was doing at the time.


In other Kris news, he's been booked for a show on February 9th at The Mint in Los Angeles, CA at which it's rumored he'll be performing songs from the new album. The show is open to all ages and you can purchase tickets at the source.


Finally, Kris has started doing interviews for his newest DonorsChoose initiative and his upcoming album. So far, he's been interviewed by Clevver TV and Good Day NY, but neither interview has aired, yet. Clevver TV did say they got a tentative album release date out of him, though, and their interview will be released tomorrow (Wednesday, January 25.)

Source | Source | Source

You'll have to skip about 2 minutes into the song to get to the singing. I think Kris' voice sounds great on the song, but the techno remix just makes me want get my one-sided head bop on, a la Night at the Roxbury...
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