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Oscar nominations 2012: Snubs, Surprises, Hoorays, Boos and Other Knee-Jerk Reactions

Let the betting, arguing, praising and complaining begin: The Oscar nominations finally have been announced.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gave the most nods to movies about movies: “Hugo,” Martin Scorsese's wonder-riddled nod to filmmaking pioneer Georges Melies led with 11 nominations, and “The Artist,” the clever black-and-white throwback homage to the silent era, scored 10. Feels a bit self-serving, doesn't it?

Still, I won't argue too hard with those two films getting some acclaim - I love the art of film making, too, and they both do it justice. Yet neither was my choice for best of 2011 (which can be summed up in one verb – more on that later). And here's where I share my knee-jerk reactions, where I either A) boot the Academy in the ribs for being clueless or boring, B) praise them for occasionally, and possibly accidentally, getting it right and C) point out some of the oddities and surprises among the nominations:

oh lord here hell come..Collapse )


Biggest snub from the Oscars, ONTD?
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