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Joan Rivers, Chelsea Handler feud erupts on Howard Stern Show

When it comes to comedians, not everything is punch lines and knee slapping. Chelsea Handler appeared live in Howard Stern's studio on Monday, trashing the female comedian who paved the way for so many who followed, Joan Rivers.

"Joan Rivers? What the f**k do I care about Joan Rivers? ... I don't think about her ever," Handler told Stern.

But Joan isn't one to take the heat without dishing a little back, herself.

"I don't know her but the few times we've met she's been very grand and very happy to be Chelsea," Joan tells me. "I mean come on, you're lucky you've got a mouth. I just don't like people who think they're terrific."

Surprisingly, both Joan and Chelsea have shows on E! and have met at several of the network's events -- including one where Chelsea was apparently so rude, Joan's "Fashion Police" co-star Kelly Osbourne kicked a table hard in disgust and ended up hurting her leg.

Unwilling to miss a chance to serve up some equally biting words, Joan took to Stern's Tuesday morning show for a rebuttal. Once live, the queen bee of comedy didn't hold anything back, taking jabs at Handler's comedy and character.

It looks like playing nice is out of the question for these two proud and funny ladies.
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team joan.
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