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Courtney Stodden hits the studio (with a photographer) to record her new single

What will a Courtney Stodden song be like?

Teen bride Courtney Stodden is making a fresh attempt to launch a career as a pop singer.
The blonde, who describes herself as a 'recording artist' on her Twitter page, was spotted walking into the studio arm-in-arm with her much older husband Doug Hutchinson, 51.

Wearing a revealing dress and her favourite perspex platform heels, Courtney, 17, spent the afternoon working on her 'new single' with two Orange County-based music producers.
Posing inside the studio, Courtney refused to reveal the name of her new single, but she said: 'It's wonderful to be back in the studio again.

'People have been contacting me all the time asking when my next song is coming out.'

Dreaming of a pop career: Teen bride Courtney Stodden visited a recording studio in Orange County on Friday

No doubt she's have plenty of ideas when it comes to ideas for lyrics.

The blonde loves to use colourful alliteration in messages on her Twitter page.

During her studio session on Saturday she could be found posting poetic prose such as:
‘While hardcore hits dominate my every move - I suddenly strip - & jump on top of a sexy sports car as I begin to wash it uncontrollably!’

She later added more suggestive words: ‘Smoothly shooting whipped cream into the erotic air and watching it as it lustfully lands on all the right places of my candy-coated body...’

Dressed to impress: The blonde wore a tight mini dress and heels for the music session

Courtney has been desperate for stardom for several years.

She released a series of provocative music videos when she was just 15 in an attempt to launch a music career.

Doing it on her own: Hutchinson stepped back while his wife did her day job this weekend

She flaunted her assets in a skin tight camouflage vest in the Nevada desert while sitting in a convertible sports vehicle in one of the films, for the song Car Candy.

No 1 fan: The 17-year-old was joined by her husband Doug Hutchinson, 51

Blonde ambition: The teen has been eager for a singing career for several years

In a second video called Don't Put It On Me she poses in a boat wearing a pink bathing suit, along with a similarly coloured poodle.

Courtney's previous attempt at becoming a pop star:


Not giving to much away: Courtney gave away some idea of what lyrics will feature on her song as she tweeted up a poetic storm
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