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Just because an actress is black doesn’t mean she was in "The Help"

Caller mistakes Yvette Nicole Brown for being in "The Help"

Yvette Nicole Brown and Sherri Shepherd were on Watch What Happens Live last night, and Andy Cohen took a call from a viewer named Ashley, in Milwaukee.

Ashley said to Yvette, "I'm so proud of you, by the way... What was it like working on the movie The Help?" Uh, whoops.

There was a nanosecond of silence.

"Oh!" Yvette exclaimed, "It was great to watch The Help, because I wasn't in it. That's Octavia Spencer."

Sherri and Yvette explained that they get mixed up with Loni Love and Octavia Spencer all the time.

"They think we all look alike for some reason," Sherri sniped.

This is Octavia Spencer. She was in The Help, Drag Me To Hell, and on a bunch of episodes of Ugly Betty.

This is Yvette Nicole Brown. She's on Community, and had small parts in 500 Days Of Summer and Tropic Thunder.

This is Sherri Shepherd. She's on The View, does guest stints on 30 Rock, and was on a bunch of episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond.

This is Loni Love. She's a stand-up comedian with a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering who has been on tons of VH1 specials, like I Love the '80s 3D and I Love The '90s: Part Deux.

Bonus round! On the left is Dylan McDermott; on the right is Dermot Mulroney

Lightning round! New Girl's Hanna Simone and Lost's Marsha Thomason.

Extra credit! Claire Forlani; Rena Sofer; Lisa Edelstein.


Tags: black celebrities, reality show - bravo

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