Boyd Holbrook and Chandler Canterbury join “The Host” opposite Saiorse Ronan

Jake Abel and Saiorse Ronan, meet your siblings. Casting on Andrew Niccol’s “The Host” is firming up, and Variety reports model-slash-actor Boyd Holbrook has signed on to play the macho Kyle O’Shea, big brother to Abel’s Ian, while child actor Chandler Cantebury will play Jamie Stryder, little brother to Ronan’s Melanie.

“Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer traded in vampires for aliens in her first adult action novel about Melanie Stryder, a human who lives in a post-apocalyptic world where humans still technically exist and walk around, but with their brains controlled by alien “souls.” When Melanie is taken over by a soul named Wanderer, her will to survive is too strong to completely overcome and the two beings share her body and attempt to return to the small pocket of human resistance she belonged to before her capture. Max Irons is on board as Melanie’s boyfriend Jared, Diane Kruger recently joined the cast as The Seeker, an alien who pursues Melanie/Wanderer in the hopes of converting the last group of humans. William Hurt plays the leader of that group, operating out of an underground cave. Filming is set to begin at the end of the month in New Mexico, with a release date already set for March 29, 2013.

Holbrook, a former male model, has a still somewhat light resume in acting, recently seen in Vera Farmiga’s directorial debut “Higher Ground” and indie comedy “The Oranges”, as well as series like “The Big C” and “Hatfields & McCoys.” The 13-year-old Cantebury actually has more credits to his name, most notably “The Curios Case of Benjamin Button” and “Knowing”, along with at least three films in 2012, “The Goats”, “Plastic Jesus” and “Little Red Wagon.”


Man, I haven't thought about Boyd Holbrook since the HP fandom kept putting him as Malfoy in their graphics back in the day.