Dane Cook Bombs at the Laugh Factory with Misogynistic Stand Up

Last night, audiences at Los Angeles’ The Laugh Factory were treated to a surprise set from comedian Dane Cook—and by “treated to,” we mean “bombarded with,” and by “set,” we mean “the egotistical ramblings of a narcissist who has lost all touch with humility and quite possibly humanity.” At least, that’s the basic gist of several eyewitness accounts from some of the comedians who were there—some of whom, like Daniel Kinno, found themselves bumped so that Cook could take the stage for as long as he wanted while he worked out new material, a raw process of discovery that Kinno describes thusly: “Watched him spiral for 45 minutes before I left. Could have been worse, he could have done his act.”

YouTube star Jenna Marbles was slightly less charitable or pithy, saying, “Dane Cook took a shit on everyone. Might as well have been literally.” And stand-up comic and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon writer Ali Waller provided a more specific appraisal, saying, “Glad Dane Cook stopped by the Improv tonight, otherwise I'd never hear the story about how he ‘chainsaw-fucked’ a ‘disgusting whore's cunt.’” (Aww, you missed that? Yes, you missed that.)

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