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Madonna being a bitch to The fans and The Host @ Graham Norton Show.

Although fans were already disappointed with Madonna's behavior when she was visiting the Graham Norton show earlier this month, it seems that the real drama actually happened behind the scenes. Fans who were in the audience during the interview expressed their displeasure about the Queen of Pop's downright rude behavior. One fan writes:

''It's funny - if I hadn't been at the recording and saw the interview I would have said it was fine - she came across well and for the most part funny. So yay - bravo Madge, what's all the whingeing about?! 

Having been at the show, however... 

You really really have no idea how much was edited out. Even her seemingly direct answers to his questions - for nearly all of them they cut a fake yawn or a bitchy 'what's the point of this question?' type remark before or after answering it. Granted, where I was sat, I couldn't always see the glint in her eye which you see on the TV, but her words and body language easily gave away what she was really thinking. 

They cut almost all of the fan interaction out. Admittedly, some of that was funnier 'Madonna' type stuff - like her on her hands and knees, her story about Lourdes loaning out her clothes to her school friends etc and the whole Gaydar game. Plus the whole Patrick Hernandez/Paris 1979 story was really interesting, but they cut the whole conversation!

But honestly, it was an absolute masterpiece (excuse the pun) of editing. 

I guess I was just disappointed that having been lucky enough to sit in the studio through Parky interviewing her for two hours at the start of 'an era' and seeing how gracious, friendly, funny and genuinely open with unknown stories and insights into her life she was, I was a little unprepared to see the cold, miserable, bored cow she was at the recording. I figured, she would have been briefed on the show and be up for the fun, camp, risqué side of the Graham Norton show which she really should be the perfect guest for, and not the wide-eyed, almost incredulous brat she was (for the most part). 

The dolls thing as an example - they cut loads out of that. If you watch the interview and think 'every time they cut from her to a shot of Graham that was because she was pulling a repulsed/bored/smug sneer' you'd have a much better idea of how she was. 

Still - she's got people talking again and I've seen mostly positive reactions, it has to be said. Even the boyfriend thought she was OK. Hey ho.''

The fans also had a problem with Madonna refusing to sign the autographs for fans and repeating the story about how she ''had to'' make music only to pay the rent. They also think Madonna was trying to do some damage control for the hydrangeas debacle that happened a few months ago. 

''Madonna has only been signing autographs because of what happened with the hydrangeas incident. She didn't care about doing it before hand.'' says another member of the audience

'"And let's face it, she doesn't like doing it period. Honestly, I don't care so much about the autographs as much as her attitude towards her fans who give her the money to be who she is. It's just ungrateful and spoiled. And even at the WE backstage interview she had to throw her two cents again for the 50th time that she makes an album and tour just so she can pay the bills. It's such a slap in the face to people who enjoy her tours and albums and hope that she actually cares about the art behind it!''


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