Lolo (wauwy) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Celebrities Turning 40 in 2012

With pics of them at age 39.

Cameron Diaz, August 30th

Amanda Peet, January 11th

Common, March 13th (werq)

Dane Cook, March 18th (eaux)

Jennifer Garner, April 17th

Dwayne Johnson, May 2nd

Wentworth Miller, June 2nd

Wayne Brady, June 2nd

Choverlord and Savior, June 16th

Selma Blair, June 23rd

Sofia Vergara, July 10th

Scott Foley, July 16th

Maya Rudolph, July 27th

Wil Wheaton, July 29th

Angie Harmon, August 10th (I feel like she's been 40 forever)

Ben Affleck, August 15th

Chris Tucker, August 31st (omg what happened)

Gwyneth Paltrow, September 27th

Eminem, October 17th

Gabrielle Union, October 29th (werqqq)

Jenny McCarthy, November 1st (ughhhh)

Toni Collette, November 1st
(omg I love her but she was only 27 in The Sixth Sense?)

Rebecca Romijn, November 6th

Thandie Newton, November 6th (werq)

Adam Beach, November 11th (hew?)

Josh Duhamel, November 14th

Alyssa Milano, December 19th (WERQ!!)

Vanessa Paradis, December 22nd

Jude Law, December 29th (werq while always wearing a hat)


lbr about who's winning this race though.
Tags: actor / actress, ben affleck, black celebrities, cameron diaz, eminem, gabrielle union, gwyneth paltrow, jennifer garner, jenny mccarthy, john cho, jude law, latino celebrities, list, models, music / musician (rap and hip-hop)
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