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Jin Akanishi reveals dates for his upcoming Tour & Album debut + 2nd US single leaked

Akanishi’s 2nd digital single, ‘Sun Burns Down‘, will be available digitally via ITunes on January 24th, and its music video, directed by Luga Podesta, will be premiered later on that day on his YouTube channel.

In addition to this, a YouTube competition will 
also be held to promote the single.

Further details on this competition will be made available on his official site.

AllAccess.com has leaked the song already.

Listen to Sun Burns Down here:

(Permalink: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gbJF3lK5bY )

In addition to this, Akanishi will also release his first album, titled JAPONICANA, which has been produced by 
Grammy-nominated music producers, Stereotypes. JAPONICANA is a play on the words Japan and America, in combination with the Latin feminine suffix -NA, and it celebrates ethnic diversity.
The album will be released worldwide via ITunes

He has also said he was honoured to receive a collaboration offer from a Canadian singer. But no words on who it is, yet. 

Jin also announced that he will be holding another North American Tour starting on March 9th. He will be hitting up five cities in March, starting in Los Angeles and ending at San Francisco.

The Tour schedule is as follows:
  • Friday, March 9th: Los Angeles, CA (Club Nokia)
  • Saturday, March 10th: Vancouver, Canada (Centre For Performing Arts)
  • Monday, March 12th: Honolulu, HI (Hawaii Theater)
  • Thursday, March 15th: New York, NY (Best Buy Theater)
  • Saturday, March 17th: San Francisco, CA (Warfield)
And now... Onto the silly bra comparison: Known about his obsession of wearing dark shades and hats, fans actually had the opportunity to ask him to take them off. His response was that the reason he keeps his hat and sunglasses on is because he gets really nervous and self-concious, and it makes him feel safe, just like wearing a bra would make a woman feel 'supported'. 
After this interview, some fans are ready to throw their bras at him during his Tour to make him ditch the hats & glasses.

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~Jin's backlog posts~ (Will keep on posting these until he gets a tag)
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