I Cloned my Pet <3

Saying goodbye to a beloved furry friend isn't easy, but some former dog owners hope to ease the pain by saying hello to their friend again -- sort of.

In a new, one-hour special called "I Cloned My Pet," TLC takes a closer look at those willing to take a pricy plunge for a second chance with their long-lost pal, or more accurately, a first chance with a dog that looks and acts like their late pal.

A sneak peek from the show gives viewers an early look at Danielle, who's love of her dearly departed dog, Trouble, has led her to look into cloning.

"I usually come in this room and I say, 'Hi Trouble! Hi, Trouble boy. How are you?'" she said as she walked up to a full-wall mural of her pet. "He came first before anybody. He came first before my husband. He came first before my parents. Nobody else matters. He was like the child that I never had, and I probably did treat him better than people treat their children."

Trouble died three years ago, but no one would guess that by looking around Danielle's home. She's kept everything he touched. Everything.

"I have a piece of chicken that I've had in here for three years," she said as she pulled Trouble's foil-covered last supper out of the freezer. "Trouble was hand-fed, like a child. Yeah, like a mother would breastfeed their child or hand feed their child -- that was Trouble."

In the fridge, Danielle keeps a bottle containing his last bowl of water, too.

"The water really, really means a lot to me because it was the last thing that Trouble got to drink," she explained. "His mouth was in there. That's why I actually saved it."

Find out if Danielle's efforts to clone Trouble are successful when "I Cloned My Pet" airs Wednesday night at 9 p.m. on TLC.


did anyone watch?? did it WORK?