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No Doubt Pays Tribute To Fan Who Passed Away From Cancer

Amy Pepper Griggs, 30, from Toronto, Canada, was honored by Gwen Stefani and No Doubt Tuesday night on Twitter and their official website.

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The band posted a collage of photos of their super fan Amy, including a group photo taken when the band reunited on their summer tour of 2009 and a heartfelt message:

"In memory of our friend Amy Pepper. Thank you for the years of love and support. We will miss you.

Gwen, Tony, Tom & Adrian
- No Doubt"

Amy had first met the band in 2000, then continued to support the band while making friends all over the world, including meeting her husband Brandon Griggs, from California.

Amy passed away on January 3rd due to complications from Lymphoma. The band had tweeted a caring message to Amy on January 1st, after learning of her declining condition:

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Amy's reply to the band was her last reply online - "@nodoubt I'm feeling the love & support. It goes beyond my wildest dreams."

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