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Mischa Barton talks to Fabulous

Best known for playing tortured teen Marissa Cooper in The OC, Mischa Barton, 25, has partied hard. We caught up with the tricky madam over a healthy green tea to talk about her new clean-living regime, body image and that Fearne Cotton show.

Storm in a teacup, anyone?
Where Carluccio's, Market Place, London

Hey Mischa! You're looking fantastic right now. Are you on a detox?

I have been, but in England I eat what I like. I love bangers and mash! But in LA, I've been eating healthily and exercising.

It looks like it's paying off. Are you enjoying your green tea?

It's yummy! I'm a big tea fan.

You've got a new range of handbags out. Do you prefer that to acting?

I like designing, but I'm always an actress first and foremost.

And you've made a film with Martin Sheen, Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain. When can we expect that out?

[Looks vacant] I'm not totally sure. That was filmed a while ago, like in 2009.

OK... [Battling to stay upbeat] What else have you got in the pipeline?

I have a lot of offers, but I'm not actively looking to work. I've hit a place where I've had enough of the media attention.

Time out must be nice! What about The OC cast - are you still in touch?

[A bit sharply] No. Now and then I run into Adam [Brody] or Rachel [Bilson].

Moving on¿ We heard you were sharing a flat with Jaime Winstone.

No. I've stayed with Jamie in London, but I used to hang out with people in the public eye a lot more than I do now. I have normal friends now - stockbrokers and lawyers - they have regular jobs.

Sounds like a sensible lot. So are your partying days and your trouble with alcohol behind you now?

[Sighs] It's funny, I never had any problems with alcohol or drugs.


I know why people may have thought that I did and things were hard for me, but I was young. The media shifted into a negative place with Britney Spears and the: "Is she OK? Is she not OK?" thing.

Does body scrutiny get you down?

Yes, it does. It's distracting. I think it's negative for girls in general.

[Detecting a definite chill in the air.] Let's talk about blokes. Are you seeing anybody at the moment?

[Glowering now] I never talk about that.

Come on, Mischa! Lighten up. You've dated a couple of English guys (Luke Pritchard from The Kooks and model Jamie Dornan) in the past. Do you tend to go for Brits?

I like all things English. My family is English. I was born here and I lived here until I was five or six. So my sense of humour is very English. I'm very self-deprecating.

If you say so. Can we mention Fearne Cotton? You didn't seem to hit it off on her show.

[Rolls eyes.] I don't have anything nice to say about her.

You've definitely got the stiff upper lip bit right, Mish. Ouch.

Mischa's handbag designs are available at

The damage:

Food eaten by Mischa Four salad leaves
Green teas sipped 2
Times Mischa said: "Shall we pretend we're having fun?" Once (yes, really)


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