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HBO's Oz: Where Are They Now?

It's been 9 years since the HBO show Oz graced our televisions with its perfection. Most of the actors have gone onto bigger and better things but I thought I would make a post so my fellow Oz fans could see how they are doing.

Fun fact: I watched seasons 2 to 6 in 7 days #coolstorybro

Ernie Hudson aka Warden Leo Glynn

Currently played a judge on 'Franklin & Bash' and set to appear in Ghostbusters 3 (if it gets out of development hell)

Harold Perrineau aka Augustus Hill

Starring in tv series 'The Wedding Band' with Brian Austin Green

Lee Tergesen aka Tobias Beecher

Last major show he was in is 'Army Wives' as Officer Boone

J.K. Simmons aka Vern Schillinger

Most currently playing Professor Nathaniel Burke on the Farmers Insurance ads

Dean Winters aka Ryan O'Reily

Currently playing Mayhem for Allstate insurance ads (love these ads!)

Terry Kinney aka Tim McManus

Most recently on 'Being Human'

Rita Moreno aka Sister Peter Marie Reimondo

Starring on the show 'Happily Divorced' with Fran Drescher

Eamonn Walker aka Kareem Said

Starring in a TV movie called '17th Precinct' this year

BD Wong aka Father Ray Mukada

Lastest job was on 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'
TRIVIA: Was the voice of Shang in 'Mulan'
I was going to post a video of Shang talking but there's too many shitty fanvids on youtube to find one

Kirk Acevedo aka Miguel Alvarez

Most currently playing Detective Luisito Calderon on 'Prime Suspect' but was most recently famous for playing Charlie Francis on 'Fringe'

Lauren Vélez aka Dr. Gloria Nathan

Most recently known as Lt. Maria LaGuerta on 'Dexter'

David Zayas aka Enrique Morales

Also stars on 'Dexter' with Lauren

Christopher Meloni aka Chris Keller

Most recently known as Detective Elliot Stabler on 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'
Also in a recent Jest video about the dangers of rooftop slip and sliding
The video wouldn't embed and I just saw that this post was approved. here's the link guys. Sorry about that :/

Edie Falco aka Officer Diane Whittlesey

Currently Jackie Peyton in 'Nurse Jackie'

Sources: IMDB, Jest, Youtube and Image Source

Please accept this post. I am super bored at work rn which is why I made this post. It's totally dead so I needed something to keep me entertained.
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