The Real 'Gossip Girl': 4 Debutantes You're Gonna Hear A Lot About

Watch out 2012: the young jet-set have all grown up and are ready to take over fashion weeks by storm. You can bet your horses these will be the new darlings of the media and why not: their lives replicate the lifestyles of the characters of Gossip Girl a little bit too close for comfort. From the famous-parent offspring to the entrepreneurial charmer, here are 4 names you’re gonna hear a lot in 2012.

Peter Brant II (left)

The son to model Stephanie Seymour and Interview Magazine publisher Peter Brant (now divorced) rose to the spotlight the only way Gossip Girl characters know how: paparazzi photos. In pictures off St. Barts last January, the 18-year-old was thought to be canoodling intimately with his 41-year-old mother, even kissing her on the mouth in one picture. We all know how much bullshit paparazzi photos really carry, so Peter Jr. took the liberty to write an open letter to Gawker to quash the rumours and lash out at the paparazzi for insinuating incest. He also explained how close he was to his mother: yup, it’s that intimate. Oh, and he casually declared his sexuality in that letter as well. Self-assuredness: +25.
He was probably cast into the spotlight too early but took full advantage of it the following month, when he was seen living it up during fashion week, often impressing with his impeccable eye for preppy-punk style. The good-looker has played host to a couple of charity functions and is now pursuing a career at his father’s workplace (CHUCK! BASS!) interviewing fashion icons like Daphne Guinness (“an old friend of mine”), Ralph Lauren and John Galliano. He also recently scored a spread with his brother Harry on Industrie Magazine, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier. (And yes, what they are wearing is all theirs.)

All this, despite him still studying at Greenwich High School. With his increasing media-savviness, modelling offers and entrepreneurial charm, he sure reminds us of a cleaner Chuck Bass – down to the ascot. He could very well be the leader of the jet-set pack, provided Daddy still has his job. He aspires to be an art collector.

Nick Hissom (seen here with Peter Brant II)

If there was ever a doubt about who was the “Gossip Girl” in the clan all this while, it could be this guy. Nick Hissom has the Dan Humphrey cocky-yet-cool vibe but lives more like Nate Archibald. The U-Penn student has an active jet-set life and being a model, having been scouted to join Ford Models. You know you’re on the radar when Coitus Magazine decides to make man-cherry out of your body and a fuckyeah Tumblr blog about you surfaces.
Nick also has a one-up over his comrades: he has an active social media presence, although his publicists do share the updating duty as well. Nick met Peter Jr. a few years ago in France and have been good friends since. They are also often spotted together at fashion weeks, although Peter Jr. denies Nick is his boyfriend. Remember that time when we wish Chuck and Nate would just get it on already? Well, it seems we now have a real-life pairing to pin all our hopes on. (Although we may walk away very disappointed.)

Tallulah Willis (center)

The 17-year-old daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis was recently minted into the higher echelons at the le Bal de Debutantes (remember Gossip Girl’s Debutante Ball?) at Hotel Crillon in Paris. Wearing Lanvin, she was accompanied by her sisters Rumer and Scout, the latter having debuted on the ball in 2008 wearing Christian Lacroix Haute Couture. Bruce was around to accompany Tallulah but Demi did not show up – still suffering from Ashton Kutcher blues, maybe?
With here sisters recently hobnobbing with Miley Cyrus at her birthday bash as Rumer tweeted, it will not take long before Tallulah can call Miley BFF. However, she may not receive as much media spotlight as long as she continues to live in the shadow of her parents. When in times of desperation, do not go to Miley: go to Mary Katrantzou. We will be watching this girl very closely. Could be a precocious mix of Blair Waldorf & Vanessa Abrams – if she plays her cards right.

Sarah Margaret Qualley

The daughter of Andie McDowell and former model Paul Qualley is reminiscent of the Serena van der Woodsen all women wish they had in them. She also debuted at the le Bal de Debutantes wearing Elie Saab Haute Couture and received several media mentions for the lasting impact she would have on red carpets and fashion lists. This 16-year-old started her modelling career by walking down the runway for Philosophy by Alberta Ferreri’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, even though the entire show looked like a train wreck of stiff, fizzed-hair models.
She was formerly from North Carolina and is pursuing a career to be a professional ballet dancer in New York City. She is also known for sporting some quirky fashion sense during her time in Carolina Day private school. With an IMG modelling contract and a November 2011 Vogue Italia spread under her belt, this is one girl that – if the PR folks latch on early – could make a huge splash when she attends fashion week.

IDK who the fuck Nick Hissom is... but he needs to stay away from my boo Peter... He will be my Chuck Bass, and I will be his middle classed Dan Humphrey. LBR.