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Jin Akanishi: Japan's ethereal beauty graces the world with more photoshoots


Keanu Reeves' on-screen bff in the upcoming samurai themed movie "47 Ronin", is currently busy working his 

The 27 year old musician and actor is currently working on his US album debut, and it's scheduled to be out in March. Plus, he'll have an upcoming US and Asia tour early next year.

Now we can see him werking it as a model in another photoshoot for a Japanese magazine. The photographer is Leslie Kee


Here are some pics of the BTS:There are no news yet on the release date of his 2nd US single "Sun Burns Down" but it should be very soon (prolly Jan or Feb.). 
And a comment of somebody who actually got to see him dance for the actual music video.
He's still hiding behind too much clothes, but at least he's not wearing shades, unlike in his Test Drive Feat. Jason Derulo music video, and he'll also dance in this one (he's a very good one, tbh).

And yet another photoshoot:


Sauces: 1, 2, scans from Yuchen85~
Covering your face up is a crime, bb.
The trailer for 47 Ronin is already out in Japanese cinemas, but why hasn't it leaked already?! D:
~Jin's backlog posts~ (Will keep on posting these until he gets a tag)
Tags: actor / actress, asian celebrities, film - action / adventure, keanu reeves, music / musician, photo shoot

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