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Rumor: Beyonce to give birth any moment

Beyonce will be losing her baby bump as it is reported that she will be checking into a NYC hospital to give birth as early as today!

According to reports, the staff and security at St. Luke's Roosevelt hospital in New York were called and informed that a very high-profile patient would be checking in to give birth today.

The secret celebrity booked half of an entire floor that hosts VIP's and is called the "Labor and Delivery Suite". It sounds just like a hotel!

Of course, there is no official word that this is Beyoncé who will be checking in, but it would make sense for the singer to keep things under wraps since she doesn't want a mob scene at the hospital.

Do you think Beyoncé is going to give birth today? By her own admission she is over 9 months pregnant now so the baby is due at any moment. It's exciting to think that today could be the day that a little Bey/Jay is born!

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