Louis C.K. Mega Post!

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OK, so last night was a big for the BS Report studio: the great Louis C.K. stopped by for a lively chat about his new comedy special ("Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theater"), his superb FX comedy Louie, the story behind the famous Dane Cook episode, the ups and downs of his standup career, his creative process, and topics like "Why does Hollywood try to meddle so much with creative people?", "Can Chris Rock become a serious actor some day?" and "Is it OK to want to beat up kids in your daughter's school without actually beating them up?" Somehow we babbled on for two parts without ever mentioning Boston (he grew up there), the Celtics (he loves them) or boxing (his favorite sport). Maybe next time.

If you want to download C.K.'s latest special for $5, go to www.louisck.com .

Find Thursday's podcast here:

Part One : ESPN.com Podcenter or iTunes
Part Two : ESPN.com Podcenter or iTunes


-- talks about plans for the holidays (involves turning back the clock 3 hours on new years to get the kids in bed by 8, getting pussy)
-- every time he curses it's replaced with "NICE TIME"
-- dreads hosting the correspondents dinner and predicts it will be a trainwreck


-- initial feelings on self distributing Live at the Beacon Theater
-- "I don't want to hear from anyone ever."
-- made a million in 10 days!
-- explains where he's putting that money (people who work for him, pig newton, charity, family, another penis etc.)

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hi. So it's been about 12 days since the thing started and yesterday we hit the crazy number. One million dollars. That's a lot of money. Really too much money. I've never had a million dollars all of a sudden. and since we're all sharing this experience and since it's really your money, I wanted to let you know what I'm doing with it. People are paying attention to what's going on with this thing. So I guess I want to set an example of what you can do if you all of a sudden have a million dollars that people just gave to you directly because you told jokes.

So I'm breaking the million into four pieces.

the first 250k is going to pay back what the special cost to produce and the website to build.

The second 250k is going back to my staff and the people who work for me on the special and on my show. I'm giving them a big fat bonus.

The third 280k is going to a few different charities. They are listed below in case you'd like to donate to them also. Some of these i learned about through friends, some were reccomended through twitter.
That leaves me with 220k for myself. Some of that will pay my rent and will care for my childen. The rest I will do terrible, horrible things with and none of that is any of your business. In any case, to me, 220k is enough out of a million.

I never viewed money as being "my money" I always saw it as "The money" It's a resource. if it pools up around me then it needs to be flushed back out into the system.

The thing is still on sale. I hope folks keep buying it. If I make another million, I'll give more of it away. I'll let you know when that happens because I like you getting to know what happened to your 5 dollars and bringing awareness to the bla bla bla.

Okay I really gotta go now. Thank you again. I will now stop bugging you. I really hate being in the news this much so I'm gonna just disappear for a while. (awwww)

Happy hollidays.
Louis C.K.
Hero alert! Props to anyone who bought the special! And thank you to the mod who kindly told me the videos hadn't embed. I have hearts in my eyes for everyone. xoxo

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