MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS!!!! (Season Finale)

READ IT behind the cut. CLICK.

This was just posted by someone who says that he saw a screener (an advance copy for people who work in TV-related journalism) of the Season Finale. 

It seems legit and the person has hundreds of previous posts on imdb. I clicked through some and couldn’t find any trolling.

1. Vivien’s baby will be, well, “older” in the finale. 

2. Tate is not who he appears to be, if we could actually call him…Tate… 

3. Constance is holding onto something. She won’t let go; even though she knows the truth about what is going on. Her love for her children will be her doom, be it emotional, physical or eternal. 

4. Ben’s mental stability collapses; he is torn with grief; Constance can not snap him out of it, even to save herself. 

4. Moira will no longer be the housekeeper at some point in the episode. Has she been fired… or set free? (Comment from me, blog mistress: Ryan Murphy has said that Moira cannot be fired. Therefore she will be set free.)

5. Much like Tate, Billie Dean is not all what she seems. Her part will come as a shocker. 

6. Violet has the ability to save everyone, even the recently deceased. Her innocence is key. 

7. If all goes to a “special someone’s” plan, there is a small chance all the deceased characters might not stay dead at all. Violet may need to intervene to stop the evil, but with a price. 

8. The true forces of good and evil will reveal themselves in an unexpected way.

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