Surprise! Glenn Beck disapproves of TIME's person of the year

Calls the choice 'damn near treasonous', shows that he does not in fact know the meaning of the word treasonous

Hailing demonstrators as heroes is "damn near treasonous," according to Glenn Beck.

The conservative radio host fumed about Time magazine's decision to pick "The Protester" as 2011's Person of the Year.

The publication's editors on Wednesday cited dissent across the Middle East that spread to the U.S. and Europe.

They said there was consensus the protesters brought a sense of dignity, democracy and have helped reshaped global politics.

"The Arab Spring as they were raping Lara Logan?" asked the outraged ex-Fox News host on Thursday, referring to the CBS reporter who was sexually assaulted while covering the demonstrations in Egypt.

"That's a sense of decency? Am I missing something?"

He also criticized the magazine for not picking a specific person, at one point suggesting they should have nominated a fork.

He then ripped Time for not including a photo of the Tea Party movement in "This Year in Pictures" section in 2009.

He said many of the protesters Time magazine is hailing are "communists" and "anarchists."

"Our media is so far out of control, it's obscene," said Beck, who was considered himself for the award in 2010.

"The Arab Spring? That brought dignity? Dignity to people that never had it before? Sharia law is bringing dignity?" he chided.

Beck added, "the way that [Libyan leader} Moammar Khadafy --granted, a monster -- was dragged out to the streets and just killed in the streets? That's dignity?...You people in the press are traitorous monsters to the dignity of free men."

Beck was not the only one who was peeved.

"Fox and Friends" Brian Kilmeade was furious that the magazine honored revolts in Egypt alongside Occupy Wall Street movement.

"That's unbelievable," Kilmeade said shortly after the announcement Wednesday. "They equate the uprising of the Egyptian people after 50 years of repression, to a bunch of people in Zuccotti Park who don't like Wall Street bankers."

The usual bullshit but I have to say I am pissed he would bring Lara Logan's sexual assault into this just to make a point. Like you ever gave a shit you fat bloated whale carcass.

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