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Comedian @LouisCK on ABC's @Nightline (12-Dec-2011)

Last night, comedian Louis C.K. appeared on ABC's 'Nightline'. “Nightline” anchor Bill Weir sat down to talk with the comedian to discuss topics such as his family, his upcoming stand-up special himself, and his sex life. Below are some highlights:

- Louis C.K. is described as a man who "specializes in a brand of comedy that sets out to shock, sometimes embarrass...while ultimately, he would say, searching for a grain of truth".
- For his current show on FX called 'Louie', the network gives him money and he goes off and makes a show...no executive producer, no writer, no editor...just Louis C.K..
- Talks about 'Louis C.K.: Live At The Beacon Theater' available now at Louis C.K. net for $5
- We see a younger Louis C.K. doing standup:

- Louis C.K. talks about his "non-sex life"
- The 'Tracy Morgan’s Homophobic Comment' thing was not on Nightline (at least not in the video up on Hulu.com).

Tags: comedy / comedian, interview, louis c.k., news / news anchors, television - fx

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