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"Sex with Ashton Kutcher ruined my life"

Sara Leal, the woman who allegedly had an affair with Ashton Kutcher, said that her life became a living hell after her fling with the actor. The 22-year-old girl said that the fallout from being the “other woman” led to her losing her job and her family refusing to speak to her.

Leal insists that she is not a “slut party girl” and bitterly regrets having sex with Kutcher.

The 22-year-old added that most girls her age would have jumped at the chance to bed such a famous star.f

She and the Two and Half Men star spent the night together at a hotel in San Diego on the night of the actor’s six wedding anniversary.

Leal later sold her story to a celebrity magazine while Kutcher, 33, desperately tried to save his six year marriage to Demi Moore after failing to deny the infidelity.

“It was insane. I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” the Daily Mail quoted Leal as telling Fox News.

“It might have seemed like I was asking for it, but I wasn’t. My dad wouldn’t even talk to me, and I got a lot of disturbing phone calls, even from my friends’ parents."

“I got fired from my job. I am no longer friends with my best friend who was my roommate because it caused so many problems and I had to move out.

“I wasn’t working for two months, and I only just started working three weeks ago. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Leal told Fox News that she had no idea Kutcher was married when she agreed to accompany him back to his suite at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, California.

She claimed having unprotected sex with Kutcher telling her he was separated from his wife.

“I don’t watch television and I read very few magazines. It never crossed my mind that he was married.

“But then he said he was separated, which still doesn’t make things okay, but I wasn’t thinking clearly.

“He was a good looking guy and it was stupid.

“When people say to me ‘I can’t believe you did that’ I want to say back that most 22-year-old girls in my position would have done the same thing,” she added.

Since being fired from her job as an administrative assistant with an insurance company she has started work with a real estate firm and is training as a yoga instructor.
* L O L at the title tbh
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