Spoiler: who is on the next MTV Challenge cast?

The HBIC welcomes you in
The challenge took place in Cabarete, The Dominican Republic. The format is unknown, but based on the cast and eliminations, it could be a pairs (past hookups) challenge.
Aneesa Ferreira

Rachel Robinson

Camila Nakagawa

Johnny Devenanzio

Cara Maria Sorbello

Abram Boise

Emily Schromm

Ty Ruff

Heather Marter

Dustin Zito

Jasmine Reynaud

Tyrie Brown

Vinny Foti and Sarah Rice

Mandi Moyer & Wes Bergmann

Naomi Defensor

Leroy Garrett

Paula Meronek

Dunbar Merrill

Priscilla Mendez

Nate Stodghill

Robin Hibbard

saving the best for last
Mark Long

Diem Brown


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