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Jin Akanishi, 47 Ronin youngest member poses for another fashion magazine + countdown to album debut

  • Kollaborating with the Stereotypes & Jin pretends he don't know Engrish when asked to pay for the gang's first class tickets to Japan
  • Photoshoot with Smallz & Raskind
  • Seems like they didn't dig the face pubes, so he appeared shaved during most of the photoshoot
Episode 4

Episode 5

After his US single debut, Test Drive featuring Jason Derulo, which made it to No.1 on the Dance Charts ... He's currently working on his upcoming album to be released in February.
It seems like his second US single will be released soon and he has been shooting for an MV lately according to Warner Music Japan

 Check TESH DRIVE out~ 

And about the movie 47 Ronin that features him as Keanu Reeves' bff... Even though there's less than a year left, the teaser trailer already premiered on Japanese cinemas. The film director tweeted about it:

Damn it, wanna c the trailer so badly. Despite Keanu's character, a movie that's not whitewashed is refreshing.
New songs definitely sound better than Derulo's Test Drive.

Sauces. 1, Jinakanishiusa.com, Popeye magazine preview

~Jin's backlog posts~ (Will keep on posting these until he gets a tag)
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