The 4 Most Unexpected Fan Bases in Pop Culture

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The biggest successes in entertainment are born from a solid understanding of the target audience. Michael Bay knows that teenage boys will always love fire and every part of a woman between the neck and the knees; Stephenie Meyer knows that every girl likes a boy who can climb trees really fast; and The Black Eyed Peas are keenly aware that every Jewish kid has to have a Bar Mitzvah at some point. But sometimes during the steaming orgy of fan adulation for these artists, a demographic no one anticipated will stay hidden in the periphery, peaking through the closet slats and masturbating quietly.

When they are too loud and we discover these unexpected fan bases, the awkwardness is only outweighed by the confusion. We can't begin to understand how a niche form of entertainment could be appropriated by such an unrelated audience. Our gut reaction is almost always to say, "This is a sex thing, isn't it." But with a few exceptions, the answers are never that simple. Such is the case with...

4. My Little Pony and...Collapse )