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Ugly Christmas Sweater Post

Who Made The List?

Justin Bieber's ugly Christmas sweater turned heads on the Today show. But he's just the latest in a long line of celebrities who don questionable duds to get into the holiday spirit. From Taylor Swift to Kanye West to Hillary Clinton, see the good, the bad, and a lot of ugly in stars' festive attire.

Justin Bieber, who has been in the spotlight because of a bizarre paternity suit, made news for a different reason recently—an ugly Christmas sweater. He wore the sweater during an appearance on the Today show, and it caused a stir along with his new haircut. Of course, the real news should have been that this particular ugly sweater costs nearly $1,700.

In December 2008, long before Kanye didn’t let her finish, Taylor Swift posed for a picture with her best friend Abigail, in which they wore Christmas sweaters. “Abigail’s back from college, so we’ve hung out a lot,” she wrote. “We decided we needed to get more in the holiday spirit so we bought festive Christmas sweaters. Like the kind that have reindeer and Santa all over them. Hers lit up. I was jealous.”

John Mayer appeared on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and red corduroys. During a discussion of his dating life, Mayer said, “I have a good heart. I think I may have gotten lost a couple of times, but so does everybody.” He was certainly lost when he decided to put on that sweater.

Snoop Dogg showed off his own take on the ugly Christmas sweater tradition for a YouTube video in which he also introduced his own take on “The Night Before Christmas.” He topped his snowman sweater with a fur coat and Santa hat.

The Ludachristmas episode of 30 Rock featured a visit from Liz Lemon’s family—mom, dad, and brother. Because they are the perfect holiday family—they all wore matching Christmas sweaters.

American Idol winner Kris Allen really upped the ugly Christmas sweater ante during an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman. Allen performed his set wearing an ugly sweater, and so did his entire band.

Singer Cee Lo Green showed up in an ugly Christmas sweater to the Jingle Bell Ball in London in 2010. Does that make him crazy? Probably.

The 2010 Glee Christmas card featured the entire cast of the show posing in ugly sweaters. The entire cast, except for Jane Lynch, that is—she wore her trademark tracksuit.

Kanye West was wearing a white Christmas sweater during his famous 2005 rant in which he said that he would “really have a problem” if he did not win the Grammy for Album of the Year. “I don’t care how much I stunt,” he said, “You can never take away from the amount of work I put into it… People love these songs.”

Colin Firth wore an ugly sweater for an awkward scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary, and for a similar scene in the sequel. The second film’s director said of the sweaters, “It’s not the height of good taste. It’s a good laugh.”

Family Guy spoofed the Christmas sweater trend during its 2001 holiday episode. When Brian refuses to wear a Christmas sweater, Lois attempts to encourage him by saying, “Don we now our gay apparel.”

Then-first lady Hillary Clinton wore a Christmas sweater and Christmas-themed jewelry while reading to children at the White House in 1998. Later, she essentially admitted the outfit was a mistake.


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