Did Tyson Beckford spoil the ANTM finale?

On last Wednesday's ANTM episode, Tyson Beckford joined the panel as a guest judge. He took a quick liking to ANTM's charity case Angelea Preston, but didn't care for the quirky fan favorite Allison Harvard, calling her unpersonable and finding her looks uninspiring.

Fans of Allison (known as Allistans) took to Twitter to express their disgust over Tyson's comments, and it wouldn't be the Twitter we all know and love if Tyson didn't feel the need to respond. So of course he responded, and in the process it looks like he may have spoiled the ANTM winner!

Check out Tyson's tweets, including a few tweets about how Allison has no future in the fashion industry and how Allison fans are uneducated losers, under the cut.

I've put the tweets in order so read from top to bottom!